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Tuesday, April 24, 2012

SL Airport Blog Expo Spotlight: Hughes Howard

This is our final blog spotlight of the day! This one features Hughes Howard, owner of Desired Dreams Air Museum:


1.  What inspired you to create your airport in Second Life?
Being an aviation enthusiast I saw there was not true air museum in Second Life, so set out to make one.

2.  Tell us about your airport, what were your aims and goals in Second Life, when you created it?   
The goal of the Desired Dreams Air Museum is to show showcase the work of various aircraft makers  in Second Life, making planes that are as realistic  and detailed as the ones in Real Life. Also to educate people on the  actual aircraft these are based on.

3.  Is your airport modeled or inspired after a real life airport?    If so which one?
 The Desired Dreams Air Museum is based on he U.S.S. Intrepid museum in real Life. This is an Air Museum in New york City actually on the carrier U.S.S. Intrepid

4.  How long have you owned your airport?  is your airport opened to the general public?  Is a group required to rezz?  What are some activities or items that people can do at your airport?
Had it close to 3 years. the sim is an adult sim as I d have an adult club in the sim. No group is required if you are adult verified you can get in the sim to see it.

5.  We are thrilled to have your airport come to our SL Airport Expo and be a part of Aviation Month! What inspired you to take part? 
It's a way of promoting the air Museum, make it more openly known and to help promote aviation in Second Life.


1.  How long have you been in Second Life?
Almost 7 years

2.  What made you first join Second Life?
Heard about it from a friend, tried it out and stayed ever since.

3.   What are some of the strangest things you have experienced or seen in Second Life?
Won't go into it but some of the adult stuff can be..shall  we say.. bizzare  but that's the fun of Second Life.

4.  Other than owning an airport in Second Life and being interested in aviation, what are some other things you like to do while you are in Second Life?
I run an adult Club, spend time with my SL family and friends and above all time with my SL wife enjoying the various aspects of Second Life. I  daable in Photography once in awhile but for me it's too time consuming so I leave that to the experts.

5.  If you could invite anyone from RL into SL, who would it be?  
Wilbur and Orville Wright so they could see how aviation even went into a virtual world.

Below is information about the Desired Dreams Air Museum:

Click here to visit the Desired Dreams Air Museum

Established August 6, 2009 , this site is the 1st Air Museum in Secind Life It is dedicated to the Aviation in First Life recreated here in Second Life. Come see the recreations made in detail by various makers here in Second Life.

Display will rotate due to the vast quantity of planes that have been created.

Visit our gift shop in the Island (Tower area)

On Display on the upper deck is the following:
Concorde, Wright Flyer, Memphis Belle, Messerschmitt BF-109, Supermarine Spitfire, Mig-1, Beech Staggerwing, Beech Model 35 Bonanza, RAAF CA-27 Sabre,  Lockheed F-104 Starfighter, F-86 Sabre, Mig-15, Lockheed P-80 Shooting Star, Bell X-1, P-40 Warhawk, F8F Bearcat., T-6 Texan/Harvard,  De Havilland Vampire, Dassauld MD 450 Ouragan, CV-22B Osprey, Kamov KA-50 Black Shark, Sikorsky UU-60 Blak Hawk, Sikorsky CH-54B Tahre (Skycrane) , Chendu J-10A Vigorous Dragon, McDonnell CF-101B Voodoo, Boeing/McDonnell Douglas CF-18 (CF-188) Hornet 20 Years, Hawker Siddely Harrier,Mil Mi-24N Havoc,  AH-64D Apache, Rockwell B-1B Lancer, Gloster Meteor F8, Grumman F-14D Tomcat, Lokheed Martin F-35 Lightning II,, Sukhoi T-50 PAK, Lockheed Martin F-22 Raptor, Sukhoi SU-25UB Frogfoot, Lockheed F-117A Nighthawk, Eurofighter EF-2000 Typhon, Northrop F-5E Tiger II, Dassault Mirage 2000, Fouga Magister CM-170, Lockheed F-94 Starfire, Messerschmitt ME-262.

On the lower deck are the following:
Grumman C-2 Greyhound, Mitsubishi A6M Zero, Chance Vought F-4U Corsair, Lockheed P-38 Lightning, Sukhoi SU-34 Fullback, Sukhoi SU-30 Flanker-C, Lockheed Martin F-16 Fighting Falcon, Grumman F-14 Tomcat, McDonnell Douglas CF-18 (CF-188) Hornet, McDonnell Douglas F-15 Eagle, Republic F-105D Thunderchief, Sukhoi SU-33 Sea Flanker, Panavia Tornado, McDonnell Douglas F-4 Phantom II, North American F-100 Super Sabre, Consolidaed PBY-5A Catalina, Fairchild A-10 Thunderbolt II

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