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Monday, April 23, 2012

SL Airport Expo Blog Featured Airports of the Day!

Each day of the SL Airport, we will feature some of the great airports of SL! Today's features are on the following airports:

Kunming AFB
Location:  WW2 Tribute Sim
Owner: Major General "G" Giano
Specialty: WW2 Aircraft (Modern Moody AFB is in the sky for modern aircraft)

Kunming AFB - Kunming AFB is located on the WW2 Tribute Sim in Second Life and is the home of the Flying Tigers and the sim where the SL Airport Expo is taking place! The airforce base is owned and operated by Flying Tigers' CO Major General "G" Giano.  This airforce base only allows WW2 aircraft, but flying enthusiasts can fly modern aircraft at Moody AFB, which is located at around 1300 m in the sky.  Kunming is based on the real Kunming AFB of the real life Flying Tigers! Aside from special events, guests are allow to rezz and fly aircraft or use one one of the demo planes.  

Kunming is also located to the WW2 Pacifc and WW2 Battlefield sims.  The Flying Tiger's Pilot Academy, Squadron hangars, Headquarter's Building, and Amelia's Pilot Lounge is also located on Kunming AFB. Kunming is also a SL Destination:

Kinrara Airfield
Location:  Kinrara
Owner: Tig Spijkers
Location of Spijkers and Marine Main Shop

Kinrara Airfield:  This tropical airfield is located on the Kinrara Sim and is also the location of the Spijkers and Marine main shop.  The airfield is owned and operated by Tig Spijkers and is "The Gateway between the Nautilus and Corsica." Kinrara is on the mainland is in a location that will also appeal to sailing enthusiasts, with open Linden owned and protected waterways.  Guests are allowed to rezz aircraft without a group to start flying! One can also shop at RH Manufacturers and Skizm Tech.  There is a small marine and tiki lounge where can relax after a long day of sailing or flying!

Second Life Coast Guard
Location:  Santa Catalina
Owner/Founder:  Admiral Sanstrom Laxness
Located at the Hollywood Airport

Second Life Coast Guard:  The Second Life Coast Guard was created by Admiral Sanstrom Laxness, a retired RL USMC major, who is active in the RL Coast Guard Auxillary. The Second Life Coast Guard station at Santa Catalina, is located at Hollywood Airport. Rezzing is open at Hollywood Airport and there are also sailing waters so sailing enthusiasts can also sail or fly! The station at Santa Catalina is the Second Life Coast Guard's Aviation Training Center and District Headquarters.  Potential members can sign up and join the Second Life Coast Guard to become either as a "friend and supporter" or an actual active duty member.

At the Santa Catalina Aviation Training Center, recruits begin their flight training here after graduation.  The first aircraft that recruits learn to fly is the : HH-65C Dolphin, a very useful helicopter.  Check the blog for a live stream footage of the Second Life Coast Guard's upcoming graduation ceremony!

TrueBlue Tiny Airport and Yacht Club
Contact Person:  Brandi Whitenton
Location:  Grelod Sim

TrueBlue Tiny Airport and Yacht Club: This airport and yacht club is a small and cozy airport with friendly people!  This airport has three open water access sims for sailing and flying, with access to the Blake Sea!  There is a larger Skyport for larger planes at 250M in the sky with teleports to this area. Hangars are available for the low rental price of 100L per week with 50 prims.  Shops are also available and there is  the Mish Mish  mainstore for Tinies clothes, accesories, shoes. Stop by and purchases gift cards, holiday specials, toys, and pets for wync tiny avatars!The adjacent sim also has an area or larger boats and planes!

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