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Saturday, April 28, 2012

SL Airport Expo Featured Airports of the Day!

Today is Day #6 of our SL Airport Expo and we are featuring the following airports today:

Owner:  Mot Mann
Location:  Wainscot Sim

Flanders Field:  A smaller airport with a modern feel, Flanders is located on the mainland. With facilities for both fixed wing and rotary wing (helicopters) craft, this place makes a good spot to start your journey on this continent.

Alternatively, aviators looking for an adventure may also land at the airport, and continue their exploration of the continent by train. A train station that is connected to the continents' Linden railway system is located in close proximity to the airfield, which isn't very common amongst SL airfields!
Contact Person: ShadowKnight Falconer
Location: Antilaghi Sim

Second Life International Airport (SLIA):  SLIA, or Second Life International Airport, is located along the widely popular Blake Sea-Nautilus-Corsica route. Designed to resemble a modern civil aviation terminal, it incorporates a hotel, Palacio Del Sol, and a marina.

There is plenty of space for larger planes to land and take off from, with marked out parking spots on the tarmac for large planes. Hangars populated by tenants and vendors line the sides of the tarmac. With easy access to the Blake Sea and Nautilus, this is a destination worth checking out while flying the Blake Sea-Nautilus-Corsica air route!

Owner:  Whitewolf Mumfuzz
Locations: Minami Torishima and Minami Takayama Sims

Schneider Airfield:  This location is themed to resemble a 20's or 30's era airfield. While it has a civilian style layout, combat is welcome here! 

The airport was created to serve as a location for both civil and combat aviation. The design is a relaxing atmosphere, where socializing meets combat! The main theme is the interwars period, modern and vintage aircraft are both welcome and the airport supports aircraft with a wingspan of up to 50 meters.  Space for helicopters and airships is also available.

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