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Saturday, April 28, 2012

SL Airport Expo Blog: Zeeva Quintessa

Today's next blog spotlight is on Zeeva Quintessa:


1.  What inspired you to create your airport in Second Life?
Well, back when the United Sailing sims (USS) was seperated from the rest of the grid was a place I would often go, using what is now gone the "Gulliver airport" near Artificial Island - I would fly all around the area...I fell in love with flying and boating in SL, AKA addicted :)  -- When I heard that the USS was to be joined to the mainland I quickly found a small parcel at Gladzyck (4096 sqm), it started off as a marina and seaplane port, then quickly grew in a matter of weeks to it's current size, with two sections, one dedicated for planes and the other boats. I picked it's location for the distance it offered from the areas I like to travel to, plus all the open water around.  It has always been open to the public, it's nice to see people using it and I hope they continue to as well.

2.  Tell us about your airport, what were your aims and goals in Second Life, when you created it?   
My aims and goals were to offer fun, and a place to just hangout for anyone wanting a bit of a different look and style than your standard airport marina, there are many fun little areas to explore and discover there if the visitor cares to look.

3.  Is your airport modeled or inspired after a real life airport?    If so which one?
No, my airport was just something that kind of took shape on it's own as time progressed.

4.  How long have you owned your airport?  is your airport opened to the general public?  Is a group required to rezz?  What are some activities or items that people can do at your airport?
I acquired and built the first level of Zee West on Jan., 22 2009.  The general public has and will always be welcome, as with many of my other places in SL...and anyone can rezz at Zee West.   Zee West has a few different areas - depending on what you wanted to do...a place for photos, dancing in the sky lounge, a clubhouse to hangout at, a submarine port (see below back runway).  airport and marina, we even have an art gallery.

5.  We are thrilled to have your airport come to our SL Airport Expo and be a part of Aviation Month! What inspired you to take part?
I wanted to start to get involved with the community a bit more and I found this to be the perfect opportunity, it is a wonderful event that you have planned and very kind of the Flying Tigers to offer such an event. 


1.  How long have you been in Second Life?
My Rezz day is July 4, 2008 - so I've been here a few years.

2.  What made you first join Second Life?
A friend was playing the vampire game (I'm a hopeless PC gamer as well "BF3 n such") and it sounded fun, well at least at the time, i checked it out and found so many other things to see and explore.

3.   What are some of the strangest things you have experienced or seen in Second Life?
LOL!!  well, there are a lot to choose from...I guess I would have to say some scenes I saw at a BDSM club that was on a neighboring sim (was before Zindra adult area was established) - kinda gross really, some people have odd taste, and i mean really odd "taste".

4.  Other than owning an airport in Second Life and being interested in aviation, what are some other things you like to do while you are in Second Life?
When I'm not flying I can often be found sailing and boating here, I just love the peace that it gives me. Plus I do a lot of photography here in SL (can be seen at flickr) -- I have two galleries showing some of my works -- And as of late I do some machinima for BERDAVmarine, which can be seen on my channel at youtube.

5.  If you could invite anyone from RL into SL, who would it be?  
Hmmm, good question, not sure who I'd invite, maybe any artist that could come here and build a unique sim like nothing ever seen in SL before.

You can visit Zee West Airport by clicking the slurl below:

Also check out the Zeeva's Flickr Stream and Youtube Site:

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