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Tuesday, April 24, 2012

SL Airport Expo Blog Featured Airports of the Day!

Today we will feature the following SL Airports:

Special thanks to Col. Whitewolf  Mumfuzz for providing the descriptions for each airport!
Owner/Operator: Yumix Writer
Location:  Yumix Canal

Yumix Canal:  This is a Japanese owned aviation community, with plenty for everyone! It features a very spacious airport at Yumix Ocean, which can accomodate even the largest aircraft in SL. In the nearby sims, visitors are able to experience a myriad of different environments, suiting various tastes. While primarily civil in nature, combat may take place in the nearby sims.

While not in flight, aviators and visitors may partake in the friendly Japanese community, or do a spot of shopping at the aviation mall just next door at Yumix Canal.
Owners:  Brigadier Generals Devyn Smyth and Deidre Faulds
Location:  Baitoushan

Baitoushan Intercontinental Airport:  Located in the continent of Corsica, Baitoushan is a sprawling airport complex built on a platform, raising it above ground level. This unusual layout gives the facility room to house both an airport and a marina under the airport. On the airport level, aviators will find two runways, allowing large passenger aircraft to land and takeoff simultaneously, with little chance of collision. A collection of hangars and a terminal building is also located on this level, housing several vendors.

A roadway links the airport level with the marina level. While primarily for seacraft, aviators flying seaplanes will also find a nice location to berth their seaplanes while they take in the sights at Baitoushan.


Owner: Sylvie Etoile
Location: Inari

Poppyport:  An art deco style airport with modern facilities, Poppyport conveys a homely feel to its visitors. It has an all around cozy feeling to it, and includes a cafe and lounge on its second and third floors. The airport has helipads up on the roof, and a single runway to accomodate general aviation craft. A small dock by the shoreline serves boats and seaplanes.

Visitors to the airport will be pleased to know that there are demo rezzers available for a range of helicopters and planes, so even those who do not own an aircraft can drop in and fly away in a demo! There is also a small store with numerous vendors, selling various aviation products.
Owner: Hughes Howard
Location: Desired Dreams

Desired Dreams Air Museum:  Established August 6, 2009 , this is the 1st Air Museum in Second Life. It is dedicated to Aviation in First Life recreated here in Second Life. Come see the recreations made in detail by various makers here in Second Life.

All kinds of aircraft, from the early days of aviation up to present times, are on display here. You'll be surprised by the kinds of aircraft that are available in Second Life! An eye-opening place to visit. **The Desired Dreams Air Museum will be going to a moderate rating soon!**

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