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Wednesday, April 25, 2012

SL Airport Expo Blog Spotlight: Eric Gregan

Our spotlights continue with Eric Gregan, co owner of New Horizon's Airport:


1.  What inspired you to create your airport in Second Life?
Like many that love  the aviaition, I wanted to create my own airport.

2.  Tell us about your airport, what were your aims and goals in Second Life, when you created it?  
To create an airport that  could receive the bigger planes, the airliners. To enable people to Role play with their airway companies.

3.  Is your airport modeled or inspired after a real life airport?    If so which one?
My airport is not a copy of any existing airport, but to enable a full roleplay it is made with the same infrastructures as in RL

4.  How long have you owned your airport?  is your airport opened to the general public?  Is a group required to rezz?  What are some activities or items that people can do at your airport?

- the airport exists since 2 years
-  it is open to the general public
- there is a group for the airport but it is not necessary to be in it to rezz.
-  we offer various things:
- Role Play for Airway companies
- Ground air control
- security control ( rp)
- rescue simulation ( rp)
- Hospitalisation (rp)
- Shopping
- Night out in the bar/club
- and probably some more that I forget

5.  We are thrilled to have your airport come to our SL Airport Expo and be a part of Aviation Month! What inspired you to take part?
To use the opportunity to get the airport know to more people

1.  How long have you been in Second Life?
5 years

2.  What made you first join Second Life?
I wanted to see what a 3D world looked like

3.   What are some of the strangest things you have experienced or seen in Second Life?
that because of the anonimity the worse of people comes out

4.  Other than owning an airport in Second Life and being interested in aviation, what are some other things you like to do while you are in Second Life?
exploring and moving around in vehicles

5.  If you could invite anyone from RL into SL, who would it be?  
no one, this is another world

You can visit New Horizon's Airport by clicking on the slurl below:
New Horizon Airport

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