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Sunday, April 29, 2012

SL Airport Expo Featured Airports of the Day!

Today is Day #7 of our SL Airport Expo and we are featuring the following SL Airports:
Owner: Ashone Mahogny
Location:  Erik Sim

Ash Studios Aviation Shop & Airfield: This shop features a runway, 64m long x 16m wide, with Visual Approach aids. Anyone can rez a demo, or land their own aircraft (within the prim & size limits).
Usually, only Group members (Ashone Aircraft Owners Club) may rez their own aircraft for flights out from here, although sometimes visiting pilots are allowed "anyone" rez on request. The airfield is located at 270m altitude. All of the shop stock is in the hangars at this level.

If you are interested in any of my aircraft or watercraft, there are DEMO versions, for people to test.
Each demo version is fully functional, although it will disappear when you stand up. There are demo rezzers for almost all of my aircraft, at the East end of my runway. The demo aircraft are temp-on-rez (to keep the area clear) but won't disappear while you are seated. Many of the aircraft require a Control HUD (grab the free version, for the demo aircraft). The Spitfire & D-1000 private jet dont need a control hud (chat commands only). Aquajet engine is touch-start/stop. Note: demo hud only has basic, common features for test flight. Aircraft-specific features are unavailable.

Owner:  Marktwain White
Location:  Santa Catalina Sim

Hollywood Airport:  One of the first major airports serving the Blake Sea area, Hollywood has rapidly evolved, becoming one of the aviation hubs of the Blake Sea area. With connectivity to Nautilus and beyond, Hollywood boasts a thriving community of aivation groups and enthusiasts.

Two runways lay sandwiched between two wide expanses of tarmac. The markings on each runway are clear, with one for landing and one for takeoff, ensuring smooth and easy flow of air traffic in and out of the airport. Aviators will also find a number of stores located in the hangars around the tarmac, and a terminal building built in the 'Art Deco' style.
Airport: New Bastogne Airfields
Contact Person: Vickster Kuhn
Location: New Bastogne Sim

New Bastogne Airfields: These airfields and airports are currently being redesigned and are WW2 Based.  

The following videos were provided by Vickster Kuhn about New Bastogne

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