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Friday, April 27, 2012

SL Airport Expo Blog Featured Airports of the Day!

Today is day #5 of the SL Airport Expo and today's featured airports are:

Owner: Zeeva Quintessa
Location: Gladzyck Sim

Zee West Airport: This is one of the major airports serving the air routes between Corsica and Nautilus (And further into the Blake Sea). Surrounded by the sea, the airport is reminiscent of one built on an artificial island. Despote that, the atmosphere here is surprisingly calm and relaxing.

Comprising of two runways and plenty of room in the neighbouring sims for approach, Zee West is relatively simple to fly in and out of. The shorter runway, Number 9, even has a steam catapult and arrestor cable built in for carrier aircraft. Its marina also provides ample space for watercraft and seaplanes.


Owner: Linden Labs Owned (Marianne McCann, Contact)
Location: Hau Koda Sim

Bay City Municipal Airport:  An art deco style airport built by the Linden Department of Public Works, this is a great contribution by the Lindens to aviation in Second Life. It even has an old style air beacon to guide aircraft along!

Of interesting note is that the airport has no runway. Instead, all aircraft take off and land on a paved surface that also acts as its tarmac. Despite this, the distinction between runway and parking space is clear, and there are access ramps on either end of the runway-tarmac that allow amphibious craft to roll into and out of the water.

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