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Flying Tigers

The Airport Expo will be held on the Flying Tigers's Sims! Here you will find information about the Flying Tigers's sims and their group:

With now close to 2000 members, the Flying Tigers are the largest aviation group in Second Life.
Inspired by the efforts of the original 1st AVG Fei Hu 飛虎 (Flying Tigers). We fly to honor of all veterans and are dedicated to pursuing camaraderie, goodwill, cooperation and harmony within the second life aviation community.
The group is open to anyone to join;  those who wish to RP as active duty combat fighter pilot may complete an enlistment form.  Click the link below to fill out the enlistment form:
SL Flying Tiger's Enlistment Form

We view SL ww2 RP aviation as constant memorial and tribute to the era because it symbolizes humanity’s triumph over evil.  Whether we're flying combat missions or flying non-combat grid flights, we aim to have FUN!

Sims:  WW2 Tribute and WW2 Pacfic.  The sims are the headquarters of the Flying Tigers group in SL, who roleplay as the real life Flying Tigers.  The link below tells you about the Flying Tigers:

Sim Owner and Creator:  Guarocuya Giano

Sim Events and Entertainment Coordinator: jessii2009 Warrhol

We have five second life destinations:



The sim owner has a reputable brand of aircraft that he makes and sells in Second Life.  You can purchase Nexgen Aviation products on the SL Markeplace: