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Wednesday, April 25, 2012

SL Airport Blog Featured Airports of the Day!

Today is day #3 of our SL Airport Expo and we have even more great airports to feature! Today's featured airports are:

Airport:  Sparrow Field
Owner:  Rael Ellisson
Location:  Dogoog Sim

Sparrow Field:  One of the airports serving the popular Blake Sea-Nautilus-Corsica route, Sparrow Field is conveniently located just north of the continent of Nautilus. It has a very unique architecture style that is hard to miss.

Providing access to both conventional and water based aircraft, Sparrow Field is used by several groups as they ply the air routes on their grid flights. It is also home to Black Dog Industries, an aircraft brand also owned by the airfield owner.

Owners:  Eric Gregan and Kahlan Bingyi

New Horizon Airport:  A major airport serving the Blake Sea-Nautilus-Corsica route, New Horizons is a modern style airport, with a feel similar to a busy international airport. With facilities to cater to even the largest of planes in Second Life,

There is an air traffic control system in place at New Horizons, and it conveniently tells pilots and aviators as to the path to take to the runway as they taxi their planes out of the gates. There is also a marina located underneath the airport. New Horizons is also home to the EG brand of aircraft, who are known for their recreations of airliners and civil aircraft.

Airport:  Abbotts Airport
Owner:  Special Cathcart
Location: Abbotts Sim

Abbotts Airport: Widely regarded as the birthplace of SL aviation, Abbotts has been preserved for all to enjoy! Located in the mainland, this airport has a sci-fi style of architecture, resembling something out of Blade Runner, or even Tron.

It has a single runway and helipads located above ground, attached to the airport terminal via link bridges. There is a small submarine pen located under the tarmac, which has enough space to support smaller seaplanes and boats. Abbotts makes a wonderful stopover for pilots flying out of Bay City Airport or Poppyport, conveniently located between both a airports. Visitors will also find a Terra Aeronautics store here.

Owner: Reconkangas Resident
Location:  Airbase Sim

Area 51/Chase Field:  As its name suggests, this sprawling airport is a military airport, resembling a modern era airbase. Its build is one of functionality, with a no-frills layout. Although primarily a military airport, there is a terminal building with its own tarmac space, connected to the main runways.

The tarmac is connected to two criss-crossing runways. The alignment and lighting on the runway suggests the possibility of simultaneous use without planes bumping into one another. WIth plenty of space on either side of the runway, this airport should have no problems handling even large aircraft. The SL Marine Corps and Outcast Aviation calls this sim home.

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